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Cozy Bungalow at Twentynine Palms


Welcome to this exclusive cozy, rustic bungalow with industrial vibes in beautiful Twentynine Palms! This converted conex box is located in a gated community with armed security, so you’ll feel safe and sound day and night.

This authentic experience comes with up to three MRE’s per person, per day, and your own dusty corner to sleep in. To maintain its rustic charm, there is no running water in this vacation rental. Bathroom facilities can be found all across the community in the form of bright blue port-a-shitters. Each port-a-shitter is decorated with hand-drawn art from local craftsmen.

ADVISORY: Please avoid interacting with the locals, as they can be crude and unusual to visitors. As well, do avoid swimming or making any kind of contact with the beautiful Lake Bandini, as it is toxic.

Enjoy your stay!

Infantry Marine turned Combat Artist turned animator turned bestselling author turned dad.

Terminal Lance Creator Officially Designated Lance Corporal of the Marine Corps by Commandant

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  1. That was appallingly plausible

  2. Do the still do the daily Lake Bandini surf report?

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