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Winner of the Marine Corps Heritage Foundation 2017 James Webb Award

One of Barnes & Noble’s Best Comic and Graphic Novels of 2016

One of The Los Angeles Times’ 10 Most Important Books of 2016

“A masterpiece.”―Ray Olson, Booklist (starred review)

“Combines a casual, straightforward dramatic style with clear, no-frills art that draws readers into his characters’ everyday experiences and then wallops them with the tragedy of ordinary life…Both respectful to the military and its role and sympathetic to the delicacy of the young soldiers, the story’s power lies in a middle-ground view of the ongoing social conflict, seeking to bridge understanding on both sides.”―Publishers Weekly (starred review)

“In many ways, The White Donkey is one long illustrated deployment journal…. Yet, tucked into the panels and frames, are those singular moments that, like a rock cast into a pond, send their ripples out almost infinitely-altering lives and ending others. The White Donkey follows the tremors, backwards and forwards, and manages to illustrate what feels like a ‘true’ war story and a lonely chapter in a war our country is trying desperately to forget.”―The Washington Post

“Few books pack the punch of The White Donkey. Uriarte has a genius for details that illuminate the truth and pull you into the story with cinematic fervor. He uses the art form itself to punctuate his pacing and immerse you in the inner reality of a marine’s life…. Uriarte puts it all on the page for a story that is hardcore and haunting. A brilliant addition to wartime literature. A+”―JeriAnn Geller, Booktrib

In The White Donkey, a sense of alienation pervades Abe’s experience. He endures the tedium of war, the yearning for action to gain legitimacy in the eyes of fellow Marines, and, finally, the horror of combat… all drawn with stylized realism.”―The Wall Street Journal

Terminal Lance Ultimate Omnibus

The ultimate collection from Maximilian Uriarte, author of The New York Times bestselling The White Donkey and creator of the world’s most popular military comic strip.

The eagerly awaited Terminal Lance Ultimate Omnibus will finally deliver the complete collection that fans of the military’s most popular comic strip have been clamoring for.

With over 700 strips, the collection will feature hundreds of the serialized comics published on, with additional comics previously published only on Marine Corps Times newspaper, and new, never-before-published comics. The Omnibus also includes Uriarte’s signature blog entries and previously unpublished bonus material.

Covering a wide range of topics, including the rules governing the wearing of military uniforms, the most popular (and the most disgusting) MREs, the difficulty of keeping a long-distance relationship alive across thousands of miles, and the struggles marines face upon returning home, Terminal Lance Ultimate Omnibus provides a hilarious and deeply intelligent look into every aspect of life for American Marines.


From the bestselling author of The White Donkey, a heartbreaking and visceral graphic novel set against the stark beauty of Afghanistan’s mountain villages that examines prejudice and the military remnants of colonialism.

In this hotly anticipatednew work from Maximilian Uriarte, creator of the popular Terminal Lance comics and The White Donkey, tells a “thrillingly cinematic” (Publishers Weekly) story of the personal cost of war and the power of human connection.

Lapis Lazuli is a rich blue semiprecious gemstone found deep in the Sar-i-sang mountains of Afghanistan’s Badakhshan province. For thousands of years it has sustained the nearby mining villages, whose inhabitants lived peacefully in the mountainous landscape–until the Taliban, known in the region as the Horsemen, came to seek the riches stored deep beneath the earth. Taliban rule has turned the stone into a conflict mineral, as they steal and sell it for their own gain.

At the behest of the fledgling Afghan government, seeking to wrest back control of the province, United States Marines are sent into the mountains. A platoon led by their eager and naive commander, First Lieutenant Roberts, and a stoic, fierce squad leader, Sergeant King, must overcome barriers of language and culture in this remote region to win the locals’ trust, and their freedom from Taliban rule. Along the way, they must also wrestle with their demons–and face unimaginably difficult choices.

A sweeping yet intimate story about brutality, kindness, and the remnants of colonialism, Battle Born: Lapis Lazuli is an epic saga from the voice of a new generation of military veterans.

The Terminal Lance Bestiary of the Marine Corps

Adventurer, great peril awaits you within the ranks of the United States Marine Corps. The Green Weenie’s forces grow stronger every day, using his powerful magics and agents to inflict his bidding upon all that is cool and chill in the Corps. This guide, the Terminal Lance Bestiary of the Marine Corps, will prepare you for the trials ahead!

Inside, you will find illustrated descriptions of Marine Corps character classes, levels, skills, as well as monsters and creatures! Study this guide to ensure your survival during your four years of enlistment, and obtain the coveted DD-214 of Freedom.

Will you crush your enemies with the swordplay and fury of the Grunt? Or will you dazzle and enchant with the magics of the POG? Only you can decide your fate, but with this guide, you may just have a fighting chance to EAS in one piece.

TERMINAL LANCE is the popular popular comic strip created by New York Times bestselling author and artist of “The White Donkey,” Maximilian Uriarte. The Terminal Lance Bestiary of the Marine Corps is a brand new fully illustrated guide written and illustrated by Maximilian Uriarte for the young adventurers in the Corps.

Because of the visual nature of this eBook, it is recommended to be read on larger color screens such as a tablet device or computer.

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