Terminal Lance #527 “Herding Cats”

August 14, 2018

Marines are a special breed of animal. They call themselves “Devil Dogs,” but really, they’re more like cats. They can sleep anywhere and on anything, skulk around at night looking for something to mate with, and can’t really be controlled by their masters. Just when you think you have them where you want them, they go and do something strange and unusual as soon as you turn your head.

I say we change Teufel Hunden to Widerspenstige Katze, or “Unruly Cat” according to Google Translate.

I know for a fact that every staff NCO and officer truly believes that Marines in the field are Marines out of trouble. While yes, they aren’t getting DUI’s, strippers pregnant, or causing a ruckus out in town; they’re surely up to no good in some way or another.

Marines are trained to fight trouble, and if they don’t have trouble to fight, they’ll make their own.

Just do me a solid and film it and send it over to the Terminal Lance Instagram page for the entertainment of others.