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Terminal Lance is now on Patreon!

Warrior! TL needs you! The Green Weenie forces grow stronger by the hour. Heroes that are good and chill are needed to stem the tide against such treachery.

Join the TL Underground today on Patreon to join the fight!

In all seriousness, we could really use your help. Traditionally, Terminal Lance had been supported via ad revenue on this website ( However, the very nature of the internet has changed drastically over the years.

Now, instead of just posting my comic and content here, it’s posted organically on Instagram, Twitter, Threads, Facebook, etc. The quest for eyeballs on the comics has meant that less traffic heads to In addition, ad revenue across the board is trash these days, so it’s doubly bad.

My goal with Terminal Lance is to expand. Expansion of the brand, creating more content, and empowering new voices across the Corps is what I envision for TL. Simply put, I can’t keep doing this forever, and the more we can turn TL into a self-sustaining machine that entertains Marines, the more I can begin to step away take a more overseer role here.

With steady cashflow, we can create more content for Marines. More fun, more entertainment, more LCPL stuff. If we succeed, TL can go ad-free and we won’t need to shill energy drinks and protein powder.

Join the TL Underground today.

Infantry Marine turned Combat Artist turned animator turned bestselling author turned dad.

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