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There comes a moment in every enlisted Marine’s career when they cross the threshold of darkness into leadership. When they become the very thing they swore against. Turned against their brothers in arms, it tears their dark souls and icy hearts to the point of destruction.

By the time an enlisted Marine reaches the rank of Sergeant Major, there is no going back. They have become the institution itself, wielding incredible Green Weenie powers that few can defend against.

This isn’t to say that all Sergeants Major are bad or evil, but what other conclusion can one draw from a class of people that insist that the plural of “Sergeant Major” is “Sergeants Major”?


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My goal for TL is to expand our efforts. Create more entertainment for Marines. Not just me, but empower other voices across the Corps and just have a lot of fun.

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  1. In Sanskrit (the original source from where Oppenheimer took his quote), this would be:

    Sergeant-Major-smi veeramarga-kshayakrut-pravruddho

    Here’s a sentence/word particle-by-particle translation – Sanskrit, like German, gloms together multiple words to form one large word:

    Sergeant-Major-smi = Sergeant-Major am I
    Veeramarga = Course/career of a hero
    Kshayakrut = destroyer
    Pravruddho = mighty

    Put together: Sergeant-Major am I, mighty destroyer of the career of heroes.

  2. Shout out to all the Master Guns out there, whose fields of fucks have laid barren for many years, loved by Infantry, hated by non-combat MOS’s

  3. You don’t become Sergeant Major without playing politics, sucking up to the bosses, and leaving dead bodies behind particularly when you are in competition with people for rank.

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