Infantry Marine turned Combat Artist turned animator turned bestselling author turned dad.
TL Comics

Stop Everything

People typically think that junior-enlisted Marines have no power over the world around them. This simply isn’t true. If a junior-enlisted Marine wants ...
TL Comics


They say that scent is the sense that is closest linked to memory. One whiff of something from a past life can send ...
TL Comics

Do It For Her

All of us who join the military fight for a reason. For some, it’s the love their country. For others, it’s for the ...
TL Comics

Wagner Loves the Coup

Over the weekend, Russia’s “Wagner” group (a private mercenary group) staged an attempted coup against Moscow, threatening to overthrow Putin. Well, they did ...
TL Comics

Memorial Day 2023

Mikey makes a great point here. Maybe this is why God’s relationship with the Marines is… tumultuous, at best. I mean, how else ...
TL Comics

The Squad Push-Up

Deep in the recesses of the San Onofre coastline in California lies the dastardly Green Weenie Research Facility. It is there that the ...
TL Comics

Swim Qual

Swim qual is another one of those things that would be fun if it wasn’t in the Marine Corps. In theory, jumping into ...

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