Infantry Marine turned Combat Artist turned animator turned bestselling author turned dad.
TL Comics

Memorial Day 2023

Mikey makes a great point here. Maybe this is why God’s relationship with the Marines is… tumultuous, at best. I mean, how else ...
TL Comics

The Squad Push-Up

Deep in the recesses of the San Onofre coastline in California lies the dastardly Green Weenie Research Facility. It is there that the ...
TL Comics

Swim Qual

Swim qual is another one of those things that would be fun if it wasn’t in the Marine Corps. In theory, jumping into ...
TL Comics

Inclemently Weathered

If it ain’t rainin’, we ain’t training. Or, more accurately, if we ain’t trainin’, it ain’t rainin’. Pack your Goretex on every field ...
TL Comics

The 7-Ton Guy

Not all heroes wear capes. In this case, they tend to wear boots-and-utes and are under 5’6″ (so they can stand up straight ...

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