Infantry Marine turned Combat Artist turned animator turned bestselling author turned dad.
TL Comics

Meritorious IV

Chongo makes his return (7 years later!) to illustrate the simple standards of Marine Corps leadership. Does a Marine need to be smart ...
TL Comics


Everyone in the Corps has some kind of experience on the rifle range. Marines qual upon enlisting during boot camp, and then maintain ...
TL Comics

God Save the Queen

In case you have been out in the field for the last week and/or prefer to only get your news from incredibly good-looking, ...
TL Comics

Pugilist Feudilist

Nothing turns friend into foe more readily than being handed pugil sticks and an ugly helmet. These stupid toys turn the tightest of ...
TL Comics

Purple Hearts

Ah, finally a movie about a love story as old as time: a Marine Lance Corporal marries a girl in Oceanside for the ...
TL Comics


(Please note, this infographic could also apply to Marine Corps Air Station Yuma as well) Twentynine Palms is as ubiquitous throughout the Corps ...
TL Comics

Packing Lite

You can always tell the boots from the seniors by how Marines pack for the field. When you’re new, you think you need ...

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