Infantry Marine turned Combat Artist turned animator turned bestselling author turned dad.
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Okinawa desu

For those of you that have been tracking, you know I went to Okinawa last weekend for the annual Okinawa Comic-Con event. I ...

TL Shop Now Open

The Terminal Lance official merch shop is now open for business. As you may have noticed, TL has undergone a bit of a ...
TL Comics

Edible Arrangements

Whelp, after 3 years of skating by this whole pandemic, it’s finally happened… I got COVID. Nothing but snot, phlegm and coughing and ...
TL Comics


Please keep this on the down-low for now, I don’t need the entire Marine Corps to be as SHOOK as I was when ...
TL Comics

Halloween Horrors

There’s nothing more heartwarming than a child that wants to be just like their parents. Thankfully, Spirit Halloween is here, coming in clutch ...

Terminal Lance 4.0

It has been a resounding 12 years since the creation of Terminal Lance, and six since the last redesign of in 2016. ...
TL Comics

An Exclusive Invitation

Dearest Marines, please accept this invitation for a most exuberant event in honor of the Marine Corps’ upcoming 247th birthday. There will be ...
TL Comics

Best of the Worst

The existence of a Lance Corporal in the Marine Corps is pain. You spend all day, every day just trying to avoid getting ...

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