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Not a Cell Phone in Sight


There was a time before cell phones when people were more present in their daily lives. Instead of staring down at their electronic devices, they were in the moment. Living.

You can have this same nostalgic experience in the Marine Corps infantry, where you’re stuck in the field for days and weeks at a time, without a cell phone in sight. Smell the fresh air. The crisp rain. The misery.

In all seriousness, there is something about the shared squalor amongst Marines that brings you all closer. Surviving together with nothing more than each other to entertain yourselves.

This is what makes Marines.

A few admin notes:

You may have noticed I’ve been somewhat absent from my duties as Lance Corporal of the Marine Corps. This is, without a doubt, the longest stretch I’ve ever gone without posting regularly in 14 years of doing Terminal Lance.

I have been recalibrating a lot. I have a young toddler and I’m also in a full time graduate program right now (using that GI Bill), so I have a lot on my plate. With that said, my work on TL has always been important to me and, prior to now, I’ve always put it first above all else. That is how I took TL to the heights it has reached over the years. Nonstop hustle.

I’ve done a lot over the years and I have TL and the amazing community that has supported me to thank. It’s rare to create anything that so many people across the world love and appreciate, and I don’t take it for granted.

Over the last few years I had a few professional setbacks that really did a number on me emotionally–combined with being a new dad, taking care of a baby, COVID, and everything else, it just really sent everything up in the air. I had to really take some steps back and evaluate whether my relationship to Terminal Lance was healthy.

In any case, this isn’t a farewell post, just musing about the state of things. I’m trying some new stuff, like this animation here, and it gets me excited about new possibilities and frontiers.

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Infantry Marine turned Combat Artist turned animator turned bestselling author turned dad.

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  1. Good for you for taking the time to revaluate your priorities and needs. As much as I’ve missed getting more TL comics over the past months, sometimes we just need to hit the pause button for a bit and you deserve to take a break as you see fit to ensure that you and your family are moving forward in life in sustainable ways.

    – Semper fi brother

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