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The Reenlistment Ceremony


It’s not unusual for Marines to be placed into some kind of miserable formation for a ceremony they’d rather not be at. Reenlistments are one of those, but with the added variable of being at any location of the reenlistee’s choosing. People can reenlist at home, overseas, on the sea, and even in the sea–the latter being a favorite among many that are stationed near a beach.

As the person being honored, I’m sure there’s no greater feeling than making everyone around you even more depressed and uncomfortable than they already are as enlisted Marines.

Personally, if I had reenlisted, I would have wanted my ceremony to be at a Buffalo Wild Wings, with the Uniform of the Day being rainbow PT gear and all-weather coats.

This is a moot point, however, as that was never going to happen.

Infantry Marine turned Combat Artist turned animator turned bestselling author turned dad.

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  1. I reelisted on a bright winter January day getting everyone seasick aboard the small boat, including my ex wife. I have fond memories of her puking over the side.

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