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Memorial Day 2023


Mikey makes a great point here. Maybe this is why God’s relationship with the Marines is… tumultuous, at best. I mean, how else are Staff NCO’s with 4 divorces under their belts before the age of 30 getting into heaven?

Are we even going to mention that Marines have affectionately adopted the nickname of “devil dogs?”

Happy Memorial Day everyone, and I truly mean that. Today is a day that we honor our fallen, but it should be a happy day. Spend it with your family, your friends, your children, enjoying your life in honor of those who can’t.

It’s what these hooligans upstairs would want for you.

Infantry Marine turned Combat Artist turned animator turned bestselling author turned dad.

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  1. At least there’s plenty of Marines for reliving the post… or would God be dick enough that the post is eternal and just makes new gates as marines die?

    *reads up bible* Yup, he’s definately dick enough for that, quess green wille also has a spot in heavens hiarchy.

  2. It would be funny if the next time you drew “Marines standing post in Heaven” you drew em all in different uniforms from different eras with different kit. Maybe have them start talking shit to each other about their gear like the “Biggest Veteran Ballcap” gag.

  3. Standing post is something for them to do and keep their minds occupied. Even the Almighty can’t handle a bunch of bored Marines for too long.

    And honestly, standing post wouldn’t be that bad…the weather is always nice, there’s plenty of other Marines to bullshit with, and you’d get to blaze away at pesky demons flying by. And keep up a string of commentary on the latest souls to show up at St. Peter’s desk. Beats getting voluntold into the choir of hosannas.

  4. Meanwhile Cav brags about everyone hanging out at an infinite party halfway down the trail to hell. Even the ones who decide to go the rest of the way empty their canteen first and go back.

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