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Please keep this on the down-low for now, I don’t need the entire Marine Corps to be as SHOOK as I was when I found this out. It turns out, myself and literally every Marine ever have been calling our dress shoes the wrong thing this entire time.

“Corframs” or “Coraframs,” as Marines know them, are actually called Corfams. 

There is no R after the F.

If you need a moment, please take as much time as you need. I’m not sure where this mixup came from. The Marine Corps has all kinds of silly names for things that Marines wear and use: “ink-sticks” to describe a pen, “go-fasters” to describe sneakers, “cover” to describe a hat. You get the idea. However, there’s something different about this one. This one is just… wrong. Incorrect. It’s not a silly nickname, it’s just not the correct name.

In any case, don’t let this news get in the way of enjoying your 247th Birthday, Marines.

Happy 247th Birthday, Marines.

Infantry Marine turned Combat Artist turned animator turned bestselling author turned dad.

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  1. Look dude, I come here for some laughs…not to have my world turned upside down. What is wrong with you?!

  2. Old Army Fart here (ETSed in ’80). I actually experienced a mental twitch in the first panel, when I saw “Corfram”.

  3. They were always “Corfams” to me. But I was in the Corps 1975-1995….old guy.

  4. DAYUM! I was Army and we called the Corframs, too. Corfam… gonna take some getting used to.

  5. Sitting here at our 37th Annual USMC Birthday deer hunt, this broke us. Laughing until tears ran. Good job, Happy Birthday, and Semper Fi.

  6. USMC 1975-1979, always coraframs. Then again, I was with the Wing, so shoes were usually optional.

  7. Wait we can avoid this corpsfam issue!!! Black Cadillacs!!

  8. I’m so old the shoes were called “Low Quarters” and they were the only reason to buy KIWI neutral.

  9. In from 73-77. A Lance Criminal a few times. Anyhow, never saw “Corframs” on anyone lower than a SNCO. We were still doing it the hard way. Light coats of Future floor wax…

  10. Navy here, or ya know what the marines are apart of. We just call them dress shoes.

  11. Happy belated birthday, Marine.

    No one expects Marines to read, let alone spell. Navy doesn’t get a vote because… well, who gives a shit about the navy (unless you’re a SEAL or Corpsman). Army matters, somewhat… but if Gunny calls them corframs, they’re corframs. Did your cordwainer earn the EGA?

    *I’m army, and proud of it. However, when a former Marine E-5 called me “Gunny” and every other E-7 “Sergeant First Class,” I took some pride in that.

  12. corfam is a brand name for synthetic leather.

  13. Yes! And this is where the name of the shoe comes from.

  14. I don’t want to sound like an “old guy”, but we just spit shined our leather dress shoes in the 1960’s. Corfam Dress Shoes wasn’t a thing yet. Active duty USMC 1965 to 1968.

  15. Where the God damn next button go?!

  16. USN 73-76 including a cruise on a gator freighter. E5 and worked in the engine room where the SNCO would send marines for Extra Military Instruction when they fucked up short of Mast. Corfams were officer country. We had low quarter shoes and Lincoln shoe polish.

    Kid graduated USMC boot camp in 2008. On boot leave I picked up a can of Lincoln for him and he was just confused. Corfams issued.


  17. Ahh, in when they were first introduced or shortly thereafter and it was uncertain as to whether they were “legal” or not… Nope, you were supposed to sit there and polish leather till it looked like what I remember being called CorfRams but never did…but its been a long time…they were new… early 70’s… They became defacto legal and once you saw E 6’s and up wearing them, they just sort of became the norm…never formally acknowledged just…there…

  18. Wait til you realize we’re only authorized to wear oxford shoes but exactly 0 Marines are wearing oxfords…

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