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Whelp, after 3 years of skating by this whole pandemic, it’s finally happened… I got COVID. Nothing but snot, phlegm and coughing and hacking over here. I really thought I’d get through this whole ordeal unscathed, but I suppose my luck was bound to run out at some point.

For what it’s worth, I’m more or less fine. I’m fortunate enough to have been vaccinated, boosted, and all that. We all got sick about a week ago, so I’m near the tail-end of it now. This week my focus has been much more on my toddler son, who is also sick—but he’s also more or less doing fine at this point.

In other news, I just wanted to mention that I’ll be in Okinawa next month for Okinawa Comic-Con! I’ll be staying aboard Camp Foster and hanging out the first week of December. I’m excited because this will be my first time in Oki!

I can finally see what everyone has been complaining about. More details to come on when and where I’ll be for those of you on the island. Always keep up with TL on Instagram and other social media outlets for the latest.

Infantry Marine turned Combat Artist turned animator turned bestselling author turned dad.

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  1. I feel ya buddy. I managed to avoid it until a little over a month ago.

    The ‘rona is like the Green Weenie. You can run, you can hide, but it’s gonna bend you over eventually…

  2. To get the full Oki experience you’ll need to go to the banana show Friday night. Your officially a boot until you eat the banana. Just be back with your libo buddy by midnight and don’t forget your white tee for PT Monday at 05 since you’ll be less than 30 days on the island. Rah?

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