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Terminal Lance #443 “Connection Problems”


There exists in the Marine Corps a supernatural force, a spiritual bond that defies all known science. Officers, NCO’s and Staff NCO’s do not possess this power, for it is gifted only to the Lance Corporals of the Corps. Some say it was passed down as far back as the Lance Corporals that built the pyramids of ancient Egypt, but no one truly knows. What we do know is that once you lose the rank, you lose the power.

Corporals are often the worst victims of the condition, as it strikes them by surprise after sometimes years of access to unfiltered and instant access. They’re left in the dark, coldly and suddenly, leaving many of them to transform into giant douchebags.

These sad NCO’s go on to reenlist and pick up rank, but never really know what’s going on. They never gain this power again. The only other rank that has the supernatural ability to cross realms is the Chief Warrant Officer, but that’s because they don’t exist in a human state.

I should really write some kind of bestiary for the Marine Corps.

On a side note, I’ll be traveling around this month, but expect me to be in Portland and Austin in early November. I also heard from the Underground that I might make an appearance at Camp Pendleton next month… Stay tuned.

Infantry Marine turned Combat Artist turned animator turned bestselling author turned dad.

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