Everyone dreads the day that their peer picks up the coveted rank of Corporal before them. That ceremonious day of pins and bloodstripes is always a lamentable occasion, because you know the next day he’ll be placed in charge of all of you and will have majestically transformed into a giant bag of douche seemingly overnight. Yes, the new Corporal usually takes a few weeks to plateau to a normal level again, and once he does it’s not so bad. Those first few weeks though are rough–peers are turned against each other, bonds are broken, and suddenly that extra stripe is the difference between a friendly beer and a field day inspection.

Before some butt-hurt Corporal comments on Facebook or sends me an email about it, I’d like to just say that I don’t care.

Which leads me to my next point:

I noticed that after the strip 103 went up, a few people were genuinely offended by it. I refuse to apologize for my strips, and if you find yourself being one of the people that could be offended by my work, I implore you–go read a different comic. I’ve noticed that as Terminal Lance becomes more and more popular, people are trying to turn it into something that it’s not. Terminal Lance was never about being pro-anything, other than having some good laughs at the expense of the Corps’ many nuances. Terminal Lance will never become the moto dream-comic that many hard-chargers out there may want.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Terminal Lance is a comic that pokes fun at the Marine Corps from an infantry Marine’s perspective. Nothing more, and nothing less. Changing that would change the very nature of the comic, which I will not let happen. Terminal Lance didn’t become a hit because I wanted to make some SNCO’s and hard-chargin’ devil dogs happy with me, it became a hit because I was able to be honest about it all, from a no bullshit perspective that people appreciated.

To the rest of you, maybe I’ll see you this weekend at the IRR muster I have to attend! Look for the guy in the Terminal Lance shirt.