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Terminal Lance #203 “That One Guy”


There’s always that one guy.

He’s the one that blows past everyone on the PFT, does his twenty pull-ups and hundred crunches all while absolutely reeking of his good friend Jack Daniels. He’s that one guy you can always expect to be hammered and somehow not only perform his job, but do it probably better than most people. Cone is that guy. For Cone, operating on alcohol is operating on a normal level.

The seriousness of alcoholism aside, every platoon has that one guy. Not necessarily the platoon alcoholic, but the guy that’s always lovably drunk at the best moments.

Although Cone is kind of being introduced here as a new character, this isn’t actually the first time he’s appeared in a Terminal Lance strip. The first appearance of Cone can be seen all the way back in Terminal Lance #14. Cone is actually a real person, and he’s awesome. One of my favorite memories of him was one of many nights he got really hammered and fell off the 2nd story catwalk at Macky Hall in Hawaii. He got up, without a scratch on him, and came back up the stairs like it never even happened and continued to drink and party. I’m fairly convinced that he’s immortal, or simply that alcohol is his spinach of sorts.

In other news, while I wasn’t able to make it personally this time, those of you in the Philadelphia area should check out the ComiCon this weekend! Brian Iglesias, the owner of Veteran’s Expeditionary Media (who published “KNIFE-HANDS”) will be there. I believe he’ll have some books for sale and probably some DVD’s, as he also directed and produced the Korean War documentary “CHOSIN”.

Otherwise, very quickly, no I’m not SgtMaj Kent; there’s a lot of stuff in the pipeline for Terminal Lance in the future, so keep up with me on Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr for the latest.

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