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Terminal Lance “Memorial Day 96”


There are two kinds of people in the world: Abe and Garcia.

Abe chose to spend his Memorial Day doing basically whatever he wanted, getting hammered and treating it like most Americans probably would a long holiday weekend. Garcia is the kind that (recognizing the significance of the holiday) chose to spend it in silent reflection and respect for what the day represents.

Oh, I forgot, there’s also a third kind of person: The one that posts badly Photoshopped moto-pictures on Facebook to get their civilian friends to feel like shit for enjoying themselves. Naturally, I have a lot of friends that are veterans, so my Facebook feed this weekend was blown up with a plethora of moto-photos with all kinds of captions ranging from subtle and meaningful to blunt and pissed off. Frankly, I don’t even see the point in hiding behind subtlety, just put this one up next time:


I suppose I chose to be more of a Garcia this weekend; my wife and I took a trip to the Veteran’s Memorial in Walnut Creek to drop off some flowers, pay our respects and take some photos. I posted the photos up on the Terminal Lance Facebook Page, so check it out!

With all that said, of course I understand that most people put these sort of moto-photos up with good intentions. There’s nothing inherently wrong with it, in fact I encourage you to occasionally remind people that there’s more going on in the world than pop-culture.

Whatever you did, I hope you enjoyed your 96 (or 72 for most civilians). If you had a barbecue and enjoyed yourself, more power to you.

Infantry Marine turned Combat Artist turned animator turned bestselling author turned dad.

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  1. Also Brent from #326 On the Ground?

  2. But when some chump thinks he’s ready for the responsibility but only bodges it. Oh the ire!

  3. I just realised that the Random Comic button is gone. That’s funny because years ago I wrote to another webcomic artist and went off about how they should have one, and I said Terminal Lance had one and how great it was. Raaaaah change bad etc. I’m guessing you took it out on purpose, because it seems like a hard thing to do accidentally, but please add it back or I will sneak on base, tactically acquire 100 Kevlars and hide them in your garage so you get the blame (dear federal agents, this is a joke) (maybe) (* in Minecraft).

  4. These are the guys that go on to become airport baggage handlers once they ETS.

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