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Terminal Lance #202 “Old Jokes”


An old common joke in the Marine Corps is the infamous comparison of the PFC and the 2nd Lieutenant. As it goes:

What is the difference between a PFC (Private First Class) and a 2nd Lieutenant?

One has been promoted.

Hilarity ensues. As for Abe, well he’s just pissed off today. It’s not that he doesn’t like officers, he just really doesn’t like butter bar lieutenants, as most Lance Corporals don’t. The conflict between the officer and enlisted is a war that has raged since its inception. Of course, it fundamentally comes down to knowledge versus experience (or wisdom versus intelligence?). The average enlisted Marine doesn’t like officers because they tend to value experience more than knowledge. The officer and enlisted dichotomy is the most perfect real life example of this age-old question you can imagine.

Mustangs (prior enlisted) excluded, I tend to lean more on the side of experience. If you’ve never been there yourself, reading about it isn’t going to change anything.

But don’t blame the butter-bar. It’s not his fault, he did just get out of OCS, after all. This however, is precisely the problem. I barely trust a boot out of SOI to jerk off without hurting himself, yet a butter-bar Lieutenant is placed in charge of an entire platoon as soon as he gets off the plane. It is what it is though, and no matter how much the enlisted might complain, it’s probably not going to change any time soon. The LT wants to go on a moto-run at 0300, complete with singing cadence? Deal with it, his boot ass will figure it out eventually.

Alternatively, I was going to put:

“One has been NJP’d…?”

I decided against it, but I actually thought of so many different things that Abe could say when I was writing this that I figured it would be fun to see what you guys came up with.

Fill in the Blank

Take this, fill in Abe’s bubble and post it up on the Facebook fan page! The ones that make me laugh will be shared publicly by yours truly.

Update on prints: The #200 prints will most likely get shipped out today!

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