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Terminal Lance #201 “Marine Hunters II: Rank Aficionado”


There’s a very special kind of lady that tramps the neighborhoods surrounding any given Marine base. She’s the kind of woman that knows the Marine Corps rank structure; she knows what “libo” and “NJP” mean; she knows when units are on deployment; she knows what units are not on deployment; really, she just knows too damn much about the Marine Corps. This type of woman specifically preys on unwitting Marines; when she’s had her fill of the first Marine’s paycheck and benefits she’ll go on the prowl for a new Marine. Maybe it’s the uniforms, maybe it’s the haircuts, maybe she just has nowhere else to go–it doesn’t really matter, because this woman should be avoided at all costs.

For starters, if a woman you meet that is not a Marine even knows what “Lance Corporal” means without you having to explain “It’s like Corporal with the word Lance in front of it. Like Lance Bass. You know what I mean? I have no idea what it means” She should probably be avoided. This woman has likely had more Marines inside of her than a C130, and probably has no plans of stopping at you.

I think the folks at Relation Termination put it best.

In other, less chlamydia-infested news, you can place an order for a Terminal Lance #200 print in case you missed it last week.

Please be advised that shipping is delayed right now due to the massive amount of orders I’ve gotten. I had to order shipping supplies, I won’t be able to ship prints out until said shipping supplies arrive this week. I apologize for the inconvenience, you can still order a print now to be shipped hopefully within a week.

Otherwise, remember to tap it before you wrap it. Or the other way… I’m sure it doesn’t really matter for you nasty people.

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Terminal Lance #200

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