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Terminal Lance #204 “Computer Whiz”


Despite the fact that Garcia is usually the one with the cooler head (he’s bald, it makes sense), he doesn’t know anything about computers.

One of the many inconveniences of being a grunt in the Marine Corps is the fact that they don’t actually give you government computer access. In fact, most infantry Marines have no idea what a NIPR or SIPR account is. The only people that get .mil email addresses in an infantry battalion are the command and Headquarters platoon. The rest of the grunts more than likely don’t even know that most of the Marine Corps uses their CAC to get online every day.

If this strip is any indication (it isn’t), grunts as well as the Marine Corps are probably better off leaving it the way it is.

I remember when I got transferred to the S-3 to work with ComCam, I was given computer access. I had my own email and everything, and I thought I had reached some higher echelon of Corps-dom. In a kind of awful way, it’s true. Grunts are at the bottom, always and forever, at least culturally. It is as they say about being akin to a fungus: they keep me in the dark and feed me shit. Somehow though, this has attributed in some way to the reverence that grunts receive from other Marines. It’s kind of like:

“Wow, you guys get treated like shit all the time. I respect you, because I don’t and that must suck.”

In all reality though, there’s really no reason for the average grunt to need government computer access. I can imagine the most use that would come out of it would be a search history of Olivia Munn and burning spot on penis after sex.

On a side note, a few of you were lucky enough to watch me draw this strip. Yes, I broadcasted the creation of it on my live stream account. You can watch the recorded session if you wish. I only announced it to my Tumblr/Twitter because I didn’t want a flood of people in there, since this was the first time I’d ever done it. It was cool though! People got to chat, watch me draw and listen to my eclectic taste in music.

Keep up with my many internet venues for the next one.

Infantry Marine turned Combat Artist turned animator turned bestselling author turned dad.

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