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While admittedly, some of the MRE menu items have improved over time (Menu 23: Pepperoni Pizza Slice exists now), I’ve always felt like the selection of dishes available to Marines (and others, I guess) is lacking. Nobody in the entire Marine Corps is going to a restaurant to order Cheese Tortellini or whatever “Beef Strips in Tomato Sauce” is.

Why not come up with some menu items that Marines actually want to eat?

Nearly every Marine knows that relationships and long distance rarely work out for the best, because many of us have tried and failed at it due to the nomadic nature of being enlisted on Active Duty. Still, it doesn’t seem to stop us. Maybe it’s the challenge that attracts Marines to impossible and improbable relationships.

I’m no exception. Even after I left the Corps, I ended up talking to, dating, and then marrying a woman from London. It was long-distance for a couple of years before she finally moved out to the states with me.

As I said, Marines can’t resist.

On a side note, if you follow TL on social media, you know that January 5th was our 13th Birthday. It’s amazing how time flies, and equally amazing how much of a crazy journey this little comic strip of mine has taken me. I’m a bit older now, but I like to think I’ve done a good job of maintaining the original spirit of Terminal Lance over all these years.

I appreciate everyone’s love and support over the last 13 years. TL wouldn’t be anything if it weren’t for the Marines that read it and allow me to entertain them.

Who knows where we go next, but we’re not done yet.

Infantry Marine turned Combat Artist turned animator turned bestselling author turned dad.

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  1. Semper Fi!
    I really don’t know what you guys are moaning and groaning about I used to eat “C” rats and to tell you the truth there were a couple that were a little questionable but most of them weren’t too bad if you Doctor them up a little bit. Always keep an onion and a bottle of Tabasco sauce in your pack and everything will be like a feast!

  2. I was in Marines 1981-87 when MRE 1ST came out. I thought they were pretty good? WE Did get C Rats in Boot Camp and ITS some were actually dated 1968! Including “Eggs scrambled w ham diced” they had distinct green color and are the True Green eggs and Ham! And like Sam I am, I wud eat them in a box, I wud eat them w a fox? I wud eat them here, there, everywhere! I Did like green eggs and ham! And yes, add Hot sauce to make them better!

  3. Hey jarheads, it is an established right of every Marine to bitch – you can take away a Marine’s sleep, chow, even life itself – but never a Marine’s right to bitch. I think it’s in the Constitution (or should be.
    2531/0849/0302 1968-1978 Semper Fi!

  4. Maximus,

    You are a comedic genius. However, the new website makes about as much sense as a Grunt Company Commander’s safety brief before a 96..

    It would be nice to be able to browse the comics the old way… under the cartoon:


  5. So no crayon flavored MRE’s?
    Or how about your sisters snatchatori?
    Come on man Long distance relationships? You gotta be kidding.

  6. I was in the Army in the Menu 1/2 era, and our favorite joke, beyond “Meals Rejected by Ethiopians” was that the “Chicken ala King” was an amazing example of military efficiency, as the Army had already puked it up for you.

  7. LOL!! But nobody mentioned “Ham and Motherfuckers”, mistakenly labeled “Ham and lima beans”……NASTY!!! We were still working on the last of the WWII c-rats when I got the SVN in October 1965…..

  8. Ham Slice was the best MRE in the late 90s. Add crackers and tobacco sauce and it was delish.

  9. Cheese Tortellini was possibly to probably the most sought after, bartered for, and traded into MRE available for either case.

    What you talkin bout Willis?

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