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Going Cyclic


Mankind are brilliant creatures, having made their way from humble roots as ape-like creatures all the way to the age of information. We went from banging rocks together to being able to carry advanced computers in our pockets that can access all of humanity’s information in a matter of swipes and taps.

And yet, when given an M240 machinegun, we cannot resist the allure of the cyclic fire. The forbidden fruit of sending hundreds of rounds down-range without ever letting off the trigger is one that few can resist. It appeals to our most basic nature as stupid ape-people thrust into existence to clank rocks together. The lizard-id of our mammalian brains taking obscene pleasure in its destructive force.

Of course, few will get the opportunity to experience such pleasures. But if you do, remember…

Barrels are replaceable… the moment is not.

Infantry Marine turned Combat Artist turned animator turned bestselling author turned dad.

“Surprise, Mike Foxtrot”

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