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The road to Russia is cold and harsh. Mostly because there is no road to Russia, because the Bering Strait flooded over with ocean thousands of years ago. It’s okay though, Marines are an amphibious force, I’m told.

This situation with Russia and Ukraine looks like it’s only going to get worse before it gets better. I’m not an expert on international affairs, but despite what Russia says, I’ve played enough Civ 6 to know when you amass your entire military on the border of a neighboring nation, it’s usually for no good reason. Honestly, the whole thing feels like it could boil over into something far worse, but I’ll try to stay optimistic.

On the subject of those busses… What’s up with those busses? When you’re out in the field and the day comes to return to base, you never know if your ride back is going to be some air conditioned charter bus, a dusty old 7-ton, or one of these magic school busses (maybe with an EGA decal on the side). It’s like the Marine Corps keeps an entire fleet of aging school busses they bought on auction in 1957 for the odd moment they need to transport Marines to and fro.

Perhaps we should amass our troops on Russia’s border in the form of weird Marine Corps busses? They would have no idea what to expect.

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