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Coronavirus is wreaking havoc across the globe and we all know who is to blame… Recruits. Any Drill Instructor can tell you that recruits are the most renown and reliable of disease vectors, carrying a microscopic world of unknown and undiscovered pathogens across every square inch of their nasty bodies.

While most people live their lives with the occasional seasonal cold here and there, recruits spend the entirety of twelve weeks aboard the recruit depots exchanging and developing new potentially weaponizable in the dank crevices of their squad bays. Take one step into a recruit squad bay and risk walking out with incurable super-bugs that could wipe out all of China.

I’ve read a lot of conspiracies regarding the Coronavirus pandemic gripping the headlines, but the only one I believe is that the recruits of MCRD are to blame and China is the coverup.

Open your eyes, sheeple…

…And fill them with hand sanitizer, because recruits carry and spread pink eye.

On an incredibly unrelated note, my new book, Battle Born: Lapis Lazuli is available for preorder. This is a 352 page FULL COLOR hardcover graphic novel from yours truly, the creator of Terminal Lance. Battle Born is the story of Marine Sgt. King in the mountainous Badakhshan province, fighting for the heart of Afghanistan against the Taliban. Please check it out here.

Infantry Marine turned Combat Artist turned animator turned bestselling author turned dad.

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