Terminal Lance #572 “Silky Smooth”

February 21, 2020

Life in the armory is one of silence… Solitude… Darkness… Misery… So much so, that armory custodians across the Corps must find pleasure in some of the most basic and simple of things. For most, it is the fleeting feelings of power they have over their infantry counterparts as they rule over their caged domain.

For others, it is laminated weapons cards. For every card you have, it is expected that you will “laminate” them for regular use. Since most Marines don’t own lamination machines, and aren’t going to waste their money on it, they just use clear packing tape to seal the small cards. Armory custodians get especially upset if cards are not laminated, though no one really knows why…

…But show up to grab your weapon without these smoothed cards?

Good luck.