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Terminal Lance #167 “Bootcamp: Disease”


I don’t remember a lot about bootcamp, but I remember one thing very vividly: I was always fucking sick.

Most recruits were, in fact I believe there were moments during “2nd phase” when the infection rate of my platoon was 100%. Everyone was sick with something. As it turns out, being thrust into a new environment with 60 other guys from different parts of the country for three months is a shock to the immune system. No amount of peanut butter shots or vaccinations can keep the sickness away, you will end up with some strange disease you’ve never heard of.

My favorite? Cellulitis. Never before joining the Marine Corps had I heard of it, yet it was one of the most rampant problems in my platoon. Cellulitis is simply a bacterial infection that makes whatever part of your body infected swell with puss and nastiness until it gets drained and treated–it can also cause a fever and is actually very dangerous and awful to have. I never got it personally, because I maintained good hygiene, but many recruits would find themselves with some horrific growth dangling off their bodies, desperately trying to hide it from the Drill Instructors so they wouldn’t get dropped into MRP (Medical Recovery Platoon).

We had a recruit catch such a bad case of pneumonia that his lungs filled with fluid and he was sent to the hospital 2 days before graduation. He almost died, but no one wants to get dropped from their platoon.

Also rampant in my platoon was the somewhat humorous disease of “pink eye” or conjunctivitis. Everyone had pink eye at some point. I got it during the crucible, and actually did the entire reaper hike with pink eye in both eyes. It was terrible, but just part of the reality of bootcamp.

As for the old-timey doctor… I just thought it would be funnier. I also stole the design from my 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea project for my Character Design class.

Anyway, in other news, “KNIFE-HANDS” is still on its holiday sale of $17.75, so pick up your copy while its still so motivated! For those of you unaware, “KNIFE-HANDS” is the 1-100 compilation with extra commentary and bonus material, including strips previously only published in the Marine Corps Times newspaper (and never seen on the website). I compiled it myself and I can personally say its fucking awesome–so check it out!

Also, very late update today, but its finals week and I decided to catch up on sleep today, since I got basically none all week. Deal with it.

Infantry Marine turned Combat Artist turned animator turned bestselling author turned dad.

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