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Terminal Lance #552 “The Draft”


Just another day in the life of the Angry Facebook Veteran. Don’t misunderstand me, I’m not saying that the military can’t be good for some people who choose to enlist. For all of my daily degradation, I think I gained quite a bit from my enlistment. What I’m saying is that the people that support the draft are never, like, normal, chill people. They’re also usually never people that were drafted themselves, seeing as we haven’t done that since the Vietnam war.

The bottom line is that, no matter how much I may value my time and experiences in the Marine Corps (in many ways I do), I chose to go. No one forced me to. There’s a rather selfish gap of logic that must be jumped before one can wish to indenture that experience onto the entire American population, somewhat directly contradicting the whole idea of personal freedom and happiness that that silly constitution blabs on about.

The common argument is that, because we’ve been in a perpetual state of war for the last 18 years, we should have a draft to fix the “veteran and civilian divide.” Why this is the preferred solution to the perceived problem, as opposed to literally anything else, I’m not sure. The problem is so far beyond just sending more people into the mix, which logistically doesn’t really even make sense.

When World War III breaks out, we’ll talk.

The Angry Facebook Veteran is an obnoxious creature. He shares outdated, badly compressed and pixelated memes about how badass he is, while simultaneously unable to do a pull-up since 1998. He is outraged about everything, and turns literally any national discourse into something to do with veterans and the military.

Oh sure, black lives matter, but what about VETERAN LIVES?! #22aday #hero #blessed

Infantry Marine turned Combat Artist turned animator turned bestselling author turned dad.

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