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Terminal Lance #529 “Special Operations”


Beards are like a dirty fantasy to Marines everywhere. They think about them during the day, fantasize about them during the night, and dream upon the day they’ll finally be able to grow one without getting yelled at by a 32 year old Gunny that looks like he’s 58. There’s only three ways this can happen for the regular active duty Marine:

  1. Get out of the Marine Corps (top choice)
  2. Convince Doc through money or sexual favors to get you a no-shave chit
    1. (Or be black)
  3. Join MARSOC or some other special operations command

The third option is obviously the most difficult, which is why the beard is seen almost as a status symbol.

We are better than you and we know it. Here is a beard to prove it.

After all, are you really an operator if you don’t have a beard and a tactical baseball cap? I wouldn’t really know, because I was just a good old fashioned Marine grunt.

Interestingly, this is also why you frequently see veterans rocking the “veteran beard.” For years, they’ve associated beards as a status symbol of the badass, so it’s only natural that they would grow one out as soon as they get the chance.

Infantry Marine turned Combat Artist turned animator turned bestselling author turned dad.

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