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Terminal Lance #521 “Full Disclosure”


Safe sex is important, and part of that is the full disclosure of any sexually transmitted diseases you may have acquired over the years. You’ll probably pick up quite a few from the Marine Corps experience–from achey back and knees, to tinnitus, depression, and probably some permanent DNA damage from drinking the water on base.

These STD’s are sexually transmitted from years of abuse by the Green Weenie. Time may heal some of these afflictions, but for the most part, they will stick with you for life. Give your sexual partners full disclosure if you’re a Marine, it’s the right thing to do. This is also in addition to the multitude of actual STD’s your dumb ass will probably pick up after a few MEU’s to Thailand, as well.

You may have noticed the hiatus over the last week, as I was up in Oregon for my own wedding! It was obviously a crazy busy trip, so I barely had a chance to maintain all of this while I was away. I’m back in beautiful Burbank now, and have a lot of fun stuff in store. Stay tuned on the official Terminal Lance Instagram, which is about to hit 300,000 followers!

Infantry Marine turned Combat Artist turned animator turned bestselling author turned dad.

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