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Terminal Lance #522 “All Of The Weather”


The most under appreciated issued uniform item is definitely the All-Weather Coat. It is so under appreciated, in fact, that to this day I have never actually taken the tag off of mine. However, did you know that you can wear it with any uniform? Even in civilian clothes! How rad is that?

It is so rad, that I am formally asking all of you to wear yours to formation, out in town, in the barracks, or wherever else you can, and send me photos. The best pictures will be featured on the Terminal Lance Instagram, and you will be the legend I always knew you could be. I want to see those Inspector Gadget jackets. I know they’re just sitting in your wall locker, so let’s put them to good use! The best one may even win a prize…

On a related note, I am going to be totally honest here: I’ve never actually read a Marine Corps Order prior to looking this one up for the comic strip. As a grunt in the Corps, I figured Marine Corps Orders were POG shit that I never needed to look at. I was totally right, because much like my All-Weather Coat, I went 4 straight (questionable) years without ever actually looking at one. I spent this afternoon trying to figure out the difference between a MARADMIN, ALMAR and MCO.

Spoiler alert: There’s no difference and it totally doesn’t matter, so don’t waste your time.

On a very unrelated note, check out this CBS radio episode feature myself and Duffel Blog creator Paul Szoldra if you want to hear some dope shit.

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