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Space Lance #1 “The Final Frontier”


Definitely the most exciting military news to come out this week was the official declaration of the United States Space Force yesterday. At first I had thought that it was somewhat strange to need an entire military branch for space, considering that we have enough trouble getting people into space as it is ever since the shuttle program ended. However, I remembered that we have a serious problem with space debris in low earth orbit, formed from many years of missions and satellite launches and zero effort to actually clean up. The problem is so bad that many countries are figuring out ways to deal with it.

Some countries are opting for simple ideas like a laser that blasts the debris from the sky. However, we’re the United States, and what better way to flex our military might than to send Space Lance Corporals up for a Space Working Party to Space Police Call? I mean, what else are they going to do?

Earth Beautification Week begins now. Enlist today!

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