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Terminal Lance #487 “Work Ethic”


Avoiding work is hard work.

Skating is a term commonly used in the Marine Corps to describe the act of avoiding any kind of actual work while in uniform. Some have even claimed this to be an acronym.

S= Seek Cover

K= Keep Quiet

A= Accept No Responsibility

T= Take No Action

E= Evade

In the Army they refer to this as “shamming.” (In the Navy and Air Force, they don’t actually work anyway, so no one has invented a term for avoiding it.)

The only people more adept at avoiding work than Lance Corporals are Chief Warrant Officers, who have gone so far as to convince the establishment that they need their own type of rank that needs to be saluted and not bothered with trivial, human matters. Lance Corporals are crafty, and they will avoid work and responsibility at all costs unless absolutely necessary.

What most fail to understand is that there is true work involved in avoiding work. It’s difficult to cover up a lie about going to medical with a lie about being at dental. A true skater makes this his full time duty, while ironically working parties usually don’t take longer than an hour. It’s not about time or money though, it’s about the craft. The art.

Skating at this level involves dedication worthy of the title of Marine.

Infantry Marine turned Combat Artist turned animator turned bestselling author turned dad.

Terminal Lance #486 “The Babysitter’s Club II”

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