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Terminal Lance #486 “The Babysitter’s Club II”


There’s nothing worse than getting saddled with the Platoon Commander during your PT or field op. There’s something inherently off-putting about officers, as if they decorate themselves with fine perfumes prior to every field op. They look and smell nice, but that’s exactly why the enlisted hate them to so much. There’s an explicit otherness to officers that is impossible for the average enlistee to ignore.

Perhaps its their extended education or their characteristically hot wives. More commonly, it’s because the stench and aura of the boot is hard to shake. Marines in the infantry respect rate above all else, meaning they value the virtue of experience moreso than the rank that might be on your collar. This puts new officers in a tough situation, since you’re essentially universally hated as a boot, despite the fact that you are in charge of the entire platoon.

Lest we forget, the worst sin of the Marine Corps is that of the boot.

However, it’s totally possible to be a boot and not act like a complete boot. Boots are easily spotted by their beady eyes and remaining bits of excessive Marine Corps motivation. They can also frequently be heard from a distance impersonating drill instructors.

As well, cammo paint is generally boot as fuck unless you’re literally Arnold Schwarzenegger in a 1980’s movie.

In other news, we got some cool new stuff coming down the line, so stay tuned. Lastly, I want to mention that The White Donkey should have a new cover imprint with the best seller tag, so check that out if you’re into collectables!

Infantry Marine turned Combat Artist turned animator turned bestselling author turned dad.

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