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Terminal Lance “Shamrock Sloshed II”


I’m going to assume that by the time this comic goes up, most of you will already be drunk*. That’s okay, because today is Saint Patrick’s Day, and it is an international day of alcohol consumption unlike the world has ever known.

*But really, it’s a serious problem and you should get help.

Being a hispanic Jew, I don’t have a lot of valuable insight on Irish holidays, but alcohol and the Marine Corps go together like peas and carrots. That is, peas and carrots that were vomited up due to indulgent binge drinking the night before. Of course, as often pointed out, the Marine Corps was founded in a tavern (Tun Tavern oorah Semper Fi devil dogs), and naturally, Marines love to drink.

As an aside, it’s always interesting for me to do these comics about binge drinking when I know full-well the consequences and issues surrounding the problems that veterans and active service members have with alcohol. Alcohol is actually a serious vice in both the active duty military and veteran community, abused in all of its forms as a coping mechanism for trauma and depression (coincidentally leading to more trauma and depression).

It’s not like we don’t all know this–and I’m certainly not about to tell you not to enjoy your Guinness tonight.

Though, I’m more of a Moscow Mule guy, myself.

Still, drink responsibly and send me awesome videos from the barracks.

Infantry Marine turned Combat Artist turned animator turned bestselling author turned dad.

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