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Terminal Lance #464 “LOL Boots V”


Traverse around any schoolhouse, smoke pit, working party or barracks balcony and you’re near guaranteed to find some skinny, nineteen year-old boot with a high and tight doing the signature frog voice with his hands on his hips, mimicking the Drill Instructors they just left behind months prior.

It’s a strange phenomenon, akin to some kind of Stockholm syndrome, wherein the new Marines feel inclined and take great entertainment in pretending to be drill instructors. You’ll see them with their knife-hands and their intensity, and every single one of them will find it funny every single time. This usually lasts for a few months to a year after leaving boot camp, and for some that never deploy, it could last their entire enlistment.

Boot camp is, more than anything else, the most commonly shared experience of all Marines, regardless of MOS or gender. No matter where you hail from, all recruits are treated equally as shit. As such, any Marine you talk to will have a boot camp story that you can identify with, no matter where your enlisted careers take you after the fact.

I’m sure someone more psychologically enlightened than myself could detail the mental intricacies involved with mimicking these authority figures, I feel as if it’s a reclamation of the 3 months of freedom lost.

Whatever the case may be, it’s annoying as fuck.

But then again, boots usually are.

Infantry Marine turned Combat Artist turned animator turned bestselling author turned dad.

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