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Terminal Lance #419 “The Story of Every Enlistment”


If you sat down with any Marine in the Corps and asked them the story of how they came to enlist, you would surely and eventually be met with the ubiquitous sentence:

“Fuck it, I’mma join the Marine Corps.”

This is the story of every Marine, past present and future. I realized this as I was chatting with another Marine the other day on how he ended up in the Corps. Those were his exact words, and usually are the exact words of every Marine you’ll ever talk to about it.

Enlisting is an intensely personal experience, and it’s one that you must come to terms with on your own. Of course there’s the typically cliche responses like “I wanted to serve my country,” and “bitches love Marines,” but I would argue that most Marines enter into the Corps as part of a much more intense, personal journey. There’s much mental deliberation and anxiety involved in the decision to talk to a recruiter, but eventually, everyone always comes to the same conclusion…

Fuck it, I’mma join the Marine Corps.

The rest is history.

Infantry Marine turned Combat Artist turned animator turned bestselling author turned dad.

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