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Terminal Lance #417 “Beef Patty”


Can we just talk about MRE’s for a second?

I’m not some kind of hippy, vegan, organic, vegetarian, gluten-free yuppie or anything like that… But I can’t help but simply feel sorry for those sad fucking animals that end up getting turned into the monstrosity that is just about any of the MRE menu items.

I’d be okay if I knew I was going to be eaten, as long as I knew I would be prepared with dignity in a nice restaurant of some kind. But unfortunately that can’t be every cow. Some poor fucking creatures need to be slaughtered, ground up, mixed with 100 preservatives and other animal parts, pressed into a patty shape, and given to hungry Marines in the field.

It’s quite possibly the saddest fate I can imagine.

Speaking of animals, I’m getting my dog pet insurance. He had a pretty bad spill yesterday at the dog park, required some stitches, and it was kind of ridiculously expensive. Still, I was able to get this shot of him before that happened. It’s depressing knowing my dog is better looking than me.

I haven’t really posted anything personal in a while, but my life has just been so insane lately it’s been hard for me to even keep track of it. I’m trying to get back in the swing of things, after taking a brief vacation and dealing with all of this book stuff, not to mention relocating my entire life to LA. In any case, there’s definitely some good stuff planned for the near future!

Don’t forget, you can preorder “The White Donkey” now if you missed the first printing. This new hardcover edition of the book will be in stores everywhere April 19th!

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