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Terminal Lance #416 “The Basic School”


When he gets to a high enough rank, he’ll start his own Tumblr.

The world of the officer is very different from that of the enlisted. Instead of boot camp and SOI, officers attend Officer Candidate School (OCS) and The Basic School (TBS) for their Marine Corps indoctrination. To qualify, you just need a bachelor’s degree in pretty much anything. From then on, you are a tried and true leader of Marines.

There’s often quite a bit of friction between the officer and enlisted world. Enlisted comprising the majority of the Marine Corps, we are the working class citizens of the military. The officers then are usually seen as the white collar, pedigreed elite, with their shiny ranks and vastly superior living conditions and overall treatment. The difference between the two lifestyles is actually tremendously different, almost to the point of absurdity.

To be completely honest, becoming an officer in the military is one of the best and highest paying jobs you’ll likely find with nothing more than a bachelor’s degree in today’s age. On top of that, you’ll be treated like royalty once you hit the fleet. The starting pay of around $30,000 a year might not seem like a ton, but your paycheck is on top of the already provided housing, food, medical, and other perks. Plus, bitches salute you. How cool is that?

That is assuming you make it through The Basic School.

Where you learn to be basic.

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