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Terminal Lance “0311 Day”


Happy 0311 Day!

Every year, on March 11th, we celebrate the Rifleman.

No, I don’t mean every Marine. I mean the 0311 Infantry Rifleman. Despite what the recruiting posters tell you, not every Marine is a Rifleman. The 0311 is the infantryman of the infantry, and those of us in Weapons MOS’s are grateful for them and their unwashed masses. It is because of them that we can skate so expertly throughout our careers, as we can send their plethoric Camelbak-laden boots in our place to police call the parking lot, sweep the catwalk, and do basically any other menial bullshit we don’t want to.

By we, I’m referring of course to the Weapons MOS’s of 0331, 0341 and 0351. If you’re unfamiliar with a basic infantry company setup, you generally have three platoons full of 0311’s, and one platoon mixed with the other three Weapons MOS’s.

0311’s are the grunts of the grunts, and we love them as such. And so it is, on every March 11th, we designate it “0311 Day.”

So here’s to you, my Rifleman friends, for kicking ass and taking names… and letting the Weapons Platoons continue to skate.

On a side note, you can now preorder the hardcover edition of The White Donkey, due out on April 19th!

Infantry Marine turned Combat Artist turned animator turned bestselling author turned dad.

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