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Terminal Lance “Meat Lovers” (Marine Corps Times)


Family Fun Day is always such a sausage fest in an infantry unit.

That might soon change, as all the buzz lately has been on the prospect of females in the infantry. I’ve already more or less stated my views on it in the past, but I will say that all of the data shows that the average female will probably not be a good fit for the infantry environment.

With it being forced upon the Corps from higher, they have instead decided to simply introduce a set of gender-neutral standards that all combat-arms MOS’s (even those outside of the 03 field) will have to pass before being allowed in. Simply put, the average female will probably not be be able to join the infantry. With that said, there’s always the opportunity for the extremely non-average female to excel.

Male Marines may soon face an uncomfortable confrontation with their own masculinity.


In other news, I’m sure some of you are like why is Max posting comics from the Marine Times? Why is Max not entertaining me with new, new comics? Has he run out of ideas? Is he dead?

No, you silly fuck, I’m working on my book. Give me a couple more weeks of this and things will go back to normal, I promise. I know some of you Kickstarter backers are getting ancy about updating your addresses and stuff. I’ll be posting a video update when I send this thing off to print that will detail everything you need to know!


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