Terminal Lance #402 “SKATEPAT”

September 29, 2015

Camouflage is obviously a staple of the whole military thing.

I’m sure, at this moment, DARPA or some such is hard at work on the next pattern for Marines to field into the future. To the Corps’ credit, at least we don’t have a new cammie pattern every few years like the Army some other branches. The current pattern, MARPAT, has been in good service since 2004, which was before I ever enlisted. Old salts will tell you the terror of black boots and starching their tricolor woodlands, but that’s beyond my scope of care or comprehension.

All I know is that the digital desert and woodland pattern was all I ever wore. It is as if fighting a war in a video game or some such, which is equal parts totally rad and kind of weird. With the exception of the Army’s newest new pattern, the entire United States military has been infatuated with the digital look for the last 10 years or so. Honestly–and I may be biased–the Marine Corps’ own MARPAT is the only one that actually still looks good and is relatively functional.

Still, this new SKATEPAT I think will take the cake–being not only stylish, but functionally Lance Corporal tested and approved.