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Terminal Lance “Fleet Week 2015”


Thank baby Jesus, maybe this will finally put a stop to those wild fires.

This week is Fleet Week in San Francisco, which I note because I currently live in the bay area. Around this time of year is when I hear from all of my female friends that they’ve been seeing so many Marines and Sailors walking around town in their “cute uniforms.”

Hearts are broken, unwanted babies are conceived, and the city is left in shambles as ice cream sales skyrocket after they leave. It’s usually a pretty good time.

The best part about fleet week (aside from the gratuitous sex) is definitely the air shows. After all, who doesn’t love seeing jets fly around doing a bunch of cool shit? Even those staunchly opposed to gratuitous military spending can’t conceal their erection when an $80 million F/A-18 flies by with Highway to the Dangerzone playing in the background.

I have been blessed with good fortune this weekend, as I get to see the show up close and personally. Look to the official Terminal Lance Facebook page for those photos this weekend! You can also follow me on Twitter for the inside scoop and even my brand new official Terminal Lance instagram! (My personal Instagram is still here)

Infantry Marine turned Combat Artist turned animator turned bestselling author turned dad.

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