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Terminal Lance #369 “They would have Issued You One”


The Marine Corps doesn’t issue you anything it doesn’t want you to have. At least, this is phrase that is commonly known throughout the Marine Corps–specifically as it applies to wives.

If the Marine Corps wanted you to have a wife, they would have issued you one.

Unfortunately, issued gear is usually pretty hit or miss. During those glorious Bush Years–where money flowed like breadsticks at an Olive Garden–the Corps updated a lot of its aging gear to meet the demands of the modern war environment. I remember going through SOI and being one of the first classes to train with brand new M16-A4 rifles and brand new coyote brown flak jackets. Prior to the ongoing middle east conflict, however, issued gear was not so kind. Being handed worn, aged Army handmedowns is never fun… and you can imagine what an issued wife might entail.

Remember, never think about how many Marines had the gear before you, and always keep in mind that it’s a product of the lowest bidder.

This is actually why you see so many Marines with very… unsavory wives.

These are the ones that got issued a wife.

On a side note, thanks to everyone for responding to my call for writers. The response was huge, and I’ve already made my first run of selections. Still, you’re welcome to shoot me an email; I might make room for you if I like you enough. I’ve mentioned it before, but I’m hoping to make some (good) changes to Terminal Lance in the near future. I’ll go into this in more depth later, right now everything is being held up by me finishing my book, The White Donkey. If Terminal Lance is a body of work, The White Donkey is my thesis. I know everyone wants to know the status of it, and unfortunately it’s hard for me to really say, but I’m chipping away at it as fast as I can and it will be finished. I’m even bringing on another artist to help me speed things up a bit.

The wait will be worth it.

I don’t think anyone will be expecting what this book is going to throw at them.

Oh hey, on another note, we got a brand new Terminal Lance Store! Check it out here.

Infantry Marine turned Combat Artist turned animator turned bestselling author turned dad.

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