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Terminal Lance “Knock Please”


Always knock before you barge into a barracks room, come on!

I can’t be the only one watching Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt on Netflix, even if you won’t admit it. It’s okay, you can tell people you’re watching Asian fetish porn; other Marines won’t judge you for that at least.

Binge watching shows is nothing new for Marines. If anything, Marines have more experience watching copious amounts of television shows on their laptops than anyone else in the world. While on deployment, entertainment is consumed by the season and box collection rather than weekly. This is perfect for the modern way in which shows are distributed on places like Netflix, as it allows bored Marines to indulge in their second favorite pastime (the first obviously being actual porn).

But come on, Ellie Kemper is totally fap-worthy anyway. This is what you can tell people when they ask why you’re watching it.


On a side note, a while back I mentioned I was looking for active duty writer-types. I got distracted for a bit but I’m looking again. If you’re a writer, have a sense of humor, and are preferably infantry, shoot me an email.

An additional note, I’m trying to update the Terminal Lance blog more, which you can get to by clicking the blog at the top of the page. Also, the RSS feed should be working again!


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Terminal Lance #369 “They would have Issued You One”

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