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Terminal Lance #365 “Back to Basics”


For the salty Marine, there is nothing more degrading and humiliating than being forced to walk somewhere on base in formation with the rest of your squad or platoon and actually having to use drill maneuvers you’ve gradually forgotten over the years.

After boot camp, there generally isn’t any real reason to use all of that drill you learned. As it generally goes, once you’re in the fleet, drill is reduced to a shadow of its former presence in your life, consisting mostly of clusterfuck groupings with people shuffling around however they please. Of course, this is to be expected, you’re an adult after all and why not be treated like one? The only time you use drill in the fleet is when your platoon has fucked up somehow, or you’re in some lame shit like Corporal’s Course. Having to use it to traverse the base is the ultimate punishment, as it puts you in plain sight of all of the other Marines aboard the base, unable to even look at them (not that you’d want to, since you know they’re all laughing at you anyway).

In any case, I’d like to apologize to the lower enlisted Marines today, as I think I just gave your Staff NCO’s an idea to humiliate you all.

In other news, I was going to do a strip about the whole Brian Williams thing but I think the moment for that has kind of passed. Either way, there’s a huge collection of awesome memes to laugh at over at the Terminal Lance Facebook page. Don’t forget, the one and only official Terminal Lance Twitter account is here. (Even though Twitter has stated they won’t verify me because I’m an “artist,” whatever that means… Seriously.)


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