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Please don’t get me wrong, as usual, this is much more of an observation than a call to arms. Abe (and myself) is simply too apathetic to really, genuinely want to get involved in something if we don’t have to.

It is a weird feeling though, every time I turn the news on there’s some war breaking out on the other side of the planet. I mean, I suppose it’s nothing new, the Middle East is always full of fuck and Russia has simply run out of fucks to give. With the war in Afghanistan winding down and with the US showing no genuine interest to get involved anywhere at the moment, things just feel… quiet. Tensions are rising on the opposite end of the earth, but for Marines in their daily lives (infantry at least), it’s time to stand by in the barracks.

Being a grunt in peacetime or in between deployments means a life either in the field, at the armory cleaning your weapon, or in the barracks catching up on your favorite shows or video games. I spent more time on “stand by” in the barracks than I care to admit.

What are we standing by for?

The word, of course.

Anyway, late update today, SgtMaj Kent and Paul Szoldra kept me out too late in San Francisco last night with their shenanigans. I was definitely the lowest ranking person there. If you’re in San Francisco, and a Marine, definitely check out the Marine’s Memorial Club & Hotel downtown, the top floor restaurant/bar is awesome and the “Leatherneck” beer actually isn’t too bad.

David Brooks, SgtMaj Kent, SgtMaj Grizzle, Paul Szoldra, myself

David Brooks, SgtMaj Kent, SgtMaj Grizzle, Paul Szoldra, myself

Infantry Marine turned Combat Artist turned animator turned bestselling author turned dad.

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