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Terminal Lance #336 “Location, Location”


Why has no one done this yet? It would certainly be a welcome addition amongst the thousand barber shops and military surplus stores along the Oceanside strip. Then again, basically anything would be a welcome addition to Oceanside that isn’t a stripper looking for a Marine to marry for money or a boot wearing mom jeans and a digital camo backpack.

I tend to bias toward Oceanside and San Diego when I do these kinds of strips because I have never been to Camp Lejeune. From what I understand, Jacksonville is the equivalent to San Clemente and Oceanside, but without a nice California beach and with more pregnant meth addicts (more being the keyword here). These small towns outside of the large bases form naturally as a result of people kind of just… ending up there due to their enlistment. As most of you know, I was stationed in Hawaii with 3/3, and it pleases me to mention that MCBH doesn’t really have this phenomenon. Unless they’re already from the island, most people generally don’t stay in Hawaii once their commitment is over. I’m not sure why, I actually really miss it sometimes; but I can say with confidence that Kailua (the town immediately outside of MCBH Kaneohe Bay) is nothing like what you find around Camp Pendleton or Camp Lejeune.

My experience with Camp Pendleton is mostly from my days at SOI. I recall with little fondness taking the Sea Breeze boot bus out to Oceanside to spend the day getting a haircut and browsing surplus stores. It’s not hard to find a place that gives haircuts, or a place that gives tattoos, or a place that sells Oakleys… But if you combined them all into one, you would be king.

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