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Terminal Lance #324 “Meritorious II”


The Marine Corps is a strange place. If you take away all of the glamour and prestige from Marine Corps boot camp (and context), you will find that it’s actually a fairly peculiar thing. Imagine you were an alien of some sort, unfamiliar with the ways of our silly race of hairless ape-kin and happened across a squad bay at MCRD San Diego. You would see about 60 young kids running around in a constant state of panic with large, silly-hatted men screaming and shoving their fingers in their face with the searing passion of a thousand angry baboons. If nothing else, it would be an odd sight to behold.

Translated into a real world office environment, and it would simply be comical. This is true not only of boot camp, but promotions and other aspects of Marine life as well.

I use the term real world with a grain of salt lolamirite? saltyasfuck. I am of course not referring to the real world horrors of war, (which Marines have the dubious honor of experiencing beyond nearly anyone else) but the average, real majority world of the civilian sector. Let’s be realistic here, the Marines are a very small portion of the population, our little universe is the anomaly. It’s no understatement to say that many enlisted wind up finding themselves institutionalized with the protection and stability of the military environment. So many Marines that I have personally known have counted the days until their EAS, only to find themselves desperately in a prior-service recruiter’s office a couple of months later.

The real world is difficult, and it is different. The more prepared you are for that reality, the better off you’ll be.

Anyway, that was kind of a weird tangent. I’m sure a few of you noticed there was no new comic on Friday. Simply put, I decided to give myself a 96.

Besides, it’s not like you needed yet another Memorial Day comic from me.

Infantry Marine turned Combat Artist turned animator turned bestselling author turned dad.

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