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We’re only two more pages away from the epic conclusion of Revenge of the Dependapotamus!

A little known fact:

Officers are actually taught the secret of summoning the Green Weenie from their loins when they go to OCS. The power of the Green Weenie resides in every officer as well as all Staff NCO’s (they acquire it through years of green weenie abuse, however).

I’ve talked about the Green Weenie over the years quite a bit. Of course, while the comic depicts this glorious phallus very literally, in real life it is but a metaphor. It describes the omnipresent ability for the Marine Corps to fuck you at any given time. It’s always watching, waiting, it can strike at any moment. For years the buttholes of Lance Corporals everywhere have clenched and cowered at its mere mention.

It seeks to fuck you, and at some point in your Marine Corps career (no matter how short)… it will find a way.

In other news, I’m back in Portland for the week with my family and it’s expectedly cold, rainy and terrible outside. With that said, regular updates are of course continuing and I’m still accepting submissions to the Revenge of the Dependapotamus contest! I’ve already got a lot of them, so make sure you get it into me by Friday if you want to be considered an official entry!

After Friday’s comic, I’ll post the entries on the Terminal Lance Facebook Page, where voting will commence via “Likes.”

Check last week’s comic for the official rules.

Otherwise, tomorrow is Christmas day! Christmas can either be a really great or a really shitty time of year depending on your circumstance. It can be especially hard if you’re overseas as well. I spent a Christmas in Iraq, so I understand how it can be.

Always remember that while you’re away from your family back home, you’ve got nothing but family all around you. The Marines to your left and right aren’t your coworkers, they’re your family, and it’s up to you guys to make the best of it.

Merry Christmas, Marines.

Infantry Marine turned Combat Artist turned animator turned bestselling author turned dad.

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