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It only gets stranger from here.

We’re almost done with our Revenge of the Dependapotamus special!

As such, I thought it would be fun to tie in a little bit of the audience this Christmas. We haven’t done a contest in a while, the Kickstarter stuff has kept me so burnt out on anything extracurricular it’s been hard for me to think about other things. But alas! I’ve got a lot of extra shit here, so why not give something away?

So here’s the deal:

Revenge of the Dependapotamus Contest


  • Draw, paint, sketch, whatever, some Star Wars-themed Marine Corps artwork! That’s it.
  • Send it to me at with the subject as ‘REVENGE OF THE DEPENDAPOTAMUS CONTEST
  • The artwork can be digital, hand-done, or whatever you feel like, it just needs to end up as a digital image you can send me via email. The requirements are that it must be Star Wars AND Marine Corps themed, not one or the other. You must combine the two!
  • Your deadline is Friday December 27th.  Once I have all of the images in, I’ll put them up on the Terminal Lance Facebook page for voting. The image with the most ‘Likes’ by Tuesday December 31st will win the prize! The prize? A care package with some Terminal Lance swag in it! I might even draw a penis-dragon just for you.

In other news, Christmas is certainly coming up next week, no matter how much you try to deny it. I’ll be traveling from my abode in the bay area back to the motherland of Oregon. I’ll be in Portlandia for the most part, though I might travel a bit to Corvallis. Going home is always weird, it hasn’t been the same ever since I joined the Marine Corps some 7 years ago. I haven’t lived there since then, and I don’t really ever plan on going back. There’s something about leaving the nest that makes returning never the same again.

You go out into the world, you embark on this epic journey that takes you around the globe, you experience so much, and when you come home everyone else is exactly the same as you left them. It’s both good and bad. It’s good because you know where your roots will always be, but it’s not so much in the sense that you can’t really identify with anyone anymore. It’s kind of weird being here in California, honestly. Ever since my divorce I don’t have any family here whatsoever (except for my dog Charlie), yet I refuse to go back to Oregon, where everyone I grew up with is at.

I guess I just like it here.


Infantry Marine turned Combat Artist turned animator turned bestselling author turned dad.

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