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Can we talk about Battlefield 4 for a second?

Does anyone else just fucking hate playing this game? Don’t get me wrong… it’s a great game… but I hate it. For everything the game does well, I think what it possibly does the absolute best is make you want to smash your face through your screen and lick the insides of your monitor in the hopes you’ll be electrocuted before you have to be subjected to dying again by some absolute bullshit. I must digress however, the game is actually fairly decent, assuming you don’t break your controller or keyboard before you figure that out.

As expected, the aesthetics of the game are phenomenal, though it recycles a lot from Battlefield 3. Most of my gripes with the game are personal, relating largely to the way that fixed-wing aircraft were implemented into the game, which is to say rather thoughtlessly. My favorite part of Battlefield 3 was flying around, providing air support and actually enjoying it. Taking away runways, providing two extremely uneven different vehicles for flight on both sides, weak weapons, etc., has really ruined my favorite part of the game for me.

Also, why did the folks at DICE decide to just say fuck you to the rank structure and do whatever they want with it? This kind of goes for all of these military games, but I’m really getting tired of seeing Lance Corporal 5-Stars running around and then getting “promoted” to Warrant Officer after they blow past Sergeant Major 5th Star (whatever that is), where they continue to get the coveted rank of “2nd Lieutenant” further down the line. Can we just have a game that uses a normal rank structure that isn’t total bullshit?

If I ever get the opportunity, I’m going to make an awesome war game. You’ll spend half the time on deployment, and the other half on base trying to avoid getting NJP’d or married to a dependapotamus.

The game will stop at Lance Corporal.

It’ll be the most realistic war game ever made.

Speaking of Dependapotami, I’ve been thinking I might start running “Revenge of the Dependapotamus” starting this week. I’ll be traveling for the holidays back and forth between California and Oregon, so it’s as good of an opportunity as any I suppose. If you pledged more than $10 to the Kickstarter and didn’t receive your PDF version of Revenge of the Dependapotamus, check your Kickstarter messages or emails for the one I sent out.

Also, tons of people have been asking me about getting stickers and coins. The stock I have is limited to just the Kickstarter backers. If you missed the Kickstarter and have no idea what I’m talking about then I apologize, but in all fairness, I did spam Facebook and this page for like an entire month about it.

On an unrelated note, the artwork in the strip has gotten a lot smoother lately. I’ve sort of been changing the way I draw it and I like where it’s going. As I get older I seem to enjoy doing less realistic work. Of course, this look is not going to be carried onto The White Donkey, but I think it really fits the humor of the webcomic well.

Infantry Marine turned Combat Artist turned animator turned bestselling author turned dad.

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